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Launch Date: November 30th, 2017 9am Eastern- Four Day Launch

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hey there JV friend,

Thanks for taking the time to find out more about my upcoming launch.  I have tried to add all my details down below, but of course, if I forget something, feel free to email me or skype me anytime.

I am very excited about this product because it is something that EVERY offline consultant can use to land new clients.  This
Local Business Directory is a terrific foot in the door with local biz.  They always want their biz in directories, and you can use it as a monthly residual or annual fee. 

Thanks so much, and look forward to great launch.

Dave Cisneros

What is the "Local Directory Script Pro" Product?

In a nutshell, this is a PHP Local Directory Script.  You upload your script to your server, make a few simple changes, then start building directories for local niches in your area.  I personally use them for Best Pizza, Best Plumber, Best Chiropractor, etc.  Every local business wants to be the best, now is your chance to get them there.

The local consultant can use this in a variety of ways.  You can use a basic or premium plan. You can even sell the Featured listings on the top for top dollar.

Check out the sales page to see all the details on what this local directory script has to offer.

Front End: $17-$37 - 65% Commission (Early Bird first three hours, then going on dimesale)

  • Local Directory Script
  • Complete Video Tutorials on how to set up the script
  • Bonus Header graphics for local directory.


OTO #1: $27-$37 - 50% Commission

  • Postcards
  • Flyers
  • Salesletter software or 2 Sales letters
  • Generic Marketing Video
  • PowerPoint Lead Magnet
  • Infographic
  • Lead Pages with Online Lead Page Builder

OTO #2: $37-$47 - 50% Commission

  •  Offline Pro Gold Lead Training Product
  •  Step by step Video Training for landing offline clients

Affiliate Contest - Get Sum.....no minimums

$200 first prize, $150 second place, and $100 third place.

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So What's the Big Deal about this Launch?

Here are 3 Big Time Reasons You Should Promote this to your List!

  • The main reason is because local business owners want to be on ANY type of directory that they can compete with other similar local businesses.
  • The script is so easy to load up on your server, and has so many options for upsells.
  • The price!  You cannot find a local directory script this inexpensive anywhere. 

Check out the Sales page to see why this offer will do great for you:

Sales Page Preview

OTO 1 Preview

OTO2 Preview

Is there an OTO or Downsell?

Yes, there is one upsell.  Both are directly related to the front end offer, but not required for your customers to get complete use out of the front end software product.

The first OTO is a complete marketing package that your customers can use to sell spots on the directory script. 

Click here for an OTO 1 Preview

Click Here for an OTO2 Preview

Funnel Potential is well over $100!

What Does the Offer Include?

Front End Software Script: 65% Commission, $17-$27 on a dimesale

OTO#1 - Marketing Package: 50% Commission, $27-$37 on a dimesale

OTO#2 - Offline Pro Gold lead training: 50% Commission, $37-$47


Huge Price Increase After 4 Day Promo! 

Launch Details

Launch Date: November 30th, 2017 9am Eastern - December 3rd 2017 midnight Pacific

Length: 4 Days, ends Sunday December 3rd at Midnight Pacific

Commission: 65% front, 50% OTO1, 50% OTO2

Affiliate Links: 

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Huge Price Increase After 4 Day Promo! 

Email Swipes

I made this a quick four day launch during the week because I want you to send out multiple emails in those four days and we do a final close out on Sunday.

Your list will love this product, but you might want to prep them the day before and let them know you have a bonus for them, or want to make them aware, stuff like that always works better for me. 

Just remember:

  • Send out Multiple emails and hit those unopens at the end of day number one
  • I suggest you write your own emails.  The swipes below will give you a good foundation, but your list wants to hear from you, and if they see other emails from other marketers that look the same, that does not go over well with them.  Take care of your list and they will take care of you.
  • Video reviews ROCK!  Just a simple two minute video of the salespage previews above will have your conversions going through the roof.

Email #1 - Day Before Launch

Subject: [Early Preview] Easy Way to Land Offline Biz
Subject: [Land New Offline Clients] Check this out...
Subject: New "Foot in the Door Tactic" for ANY offline biz

hey there,

I am so glad you are reading this email!

My buddy Dave Cisneros is launching a brand new product tomorrow called the "Local Directory Script Pro" and I wanted you to see it before it goes live tomorrow.

This product is a great way to land new offline clients.  It's a simple php software script that he shows you how to upload in a few minutes, but this thing is so powerful.

Yes, I said directory script.  This is a crazy deal on such a powerful piece of software.  Honestly I think Dave is losing his mind for selling this so cheap.

Anyways, he's launching this tomorrow, and the price is going to start low but is on a dimesale, which means with every sale, the price is going up. 

I want you to get there early and get the good price, that is why I am letting you know about this today.

Check out this video preview I made for you:

Don't forget to keep an eye on your email inbox tomorrow so when it goes live you have my link ready to go.

Take care,

Your Name

P.S.  This product is a perfect way to upsell your local businesses on the premium listings for the directory, or by simply calling them and giving them a free listing.  Works either way. 



Email #2 - Launch Day

Subject: [Early Preview] Easy Way to Land Offline Biz
Subject: [It's Live] Your local biz owners will beg you for this..
Subject: New "Foot in the Door Tactic" for ANY offline biz

hey there,

The product I told you about yesterday, the Local Directory Script Pro, just went live, you can get it here:

[affiliate link]

The price is starting low, but rising with every sale, so get there as soon as you can to check it out. 

Dave explains everything about it on the sales page, but there are two things that I really love about this directory script.

1) Super simple to set up and create listings

2) This is someting that ever local biz is going to want to be in.

Take some time to watch the demo videos on the sales page, but don't wait too long on this one, Dave is increasing the price big on this one when the four day launch is over.

[affiliate link]


Take care,

Your Name

P.S.  BTW, you can offer local biz owners a free offer, a basic offer and a Premium offer for this.  So many ways to make money.

  Day Two is a great time to mail un-opens

Email #3 - Day 3

Subject: Look, I get it...
Subject: Did you know that every wants to be the best?
Subject: So how does this script thing make you money?

hey there,

I hope you saw my last couple of emails about my buddy Dave Cisneros Local Directory Script.

The price is still really low on it, but it's set to almost double in a couple of days, this is only a four day launch, then he's putting the price super high, where it should be. 

[affiliate link]

If you missed my last emails, just a quick synopsis of what this is. 

Dave is giving you a php directory script that you upload to your server.  Trust me, it's not that hard to do.  Then, you build this out for whatever you want.  Best Pizza places in your area, Best Chiropractors, Best Plumbers, etc.  You then call the local biz owners and ask if they want to be in your local directory, you have a free, basic and premium plan.  This is ridiculously easy.

[affiliate link]

You will NEVER be embarrased to approach a local business again.  By asking them if they want to be in your local directory for free, you will be the hero.

Take care,

Your Name

P.S.  Only one more day to get this for a great price, just sayin.


 Email #4 - Day 4

Subject: Last chance, this closes tonight
Subject: Don't miss out on this, you'll be sorry
Subject: You're gonna regret this if you don't get it

 hey there,

Well, there is still a few hours for you to get your hands on the Local Directory Script Pro product I have been telling you about.  If you read my other emails and just forgot to pick it up, here is the link:

 [affiliate link]

 If you are on the fence about grabbing this because you think this directory will be too hard for you to upload and get going, well, You're Wrong!

Dave made this super easy to edit.  Super simple to give away.  It looks great.  Your local businesses are going to beg you to be a part of it.

 [affiliate link]

You have until Midnight eastern time tonight to pick this up, or the price will go through the roof. 

Don't wait.....get there fast.

 Take care,

 Your Name

 P.S.  Midnight tonight will come sooner than you think.  Get there and grab this.

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